Come see the vikings – and join in

The Viking Days at Moesgaard from 25 to 28 July 2024 will engage and entertain the whole family


Experience the Vikinge Age in real life

Every year thousands of people gather to experience the Viking Days just south of Aarhus at the picturesque Moesgård Strand. This year you are invited to come and experience loads of Viking-themed activities in and around the viking camp from 25 to 28 July 2024.

Children and adults can all join in: help start a campfire, bake bread, dance, play Viking games, listen to tales and sagas, watch skilled craftspeople at work, see the warriors and their weapons or try out Viking Age tools for yourself and experience Viking ships and much more. 

Smeden på Moesgaard Vikingedage.

Real Viking crafts and chores

The Vikings in the camp will explain and demonstrate how they slaughter, flay, pluck, and prepare the animals they use for meat. There will be walks on horseback for children (horses will be led) and an opportunity to learn about what head gear and other equipment the Vikings used on their horses, compared to what we use today.

Blacksmiths will be busy at the hot forge and put their handiwork on display. Other craftspeople will do leatherwork, basket-weaving, and dyeing with plant-based dyes, or make ceramic items and glass beads. Meanwhile, the camp’s Vikings will be cooking based on original recipes and techniques, curing animal hides, making bows for shooting, and doing sewing and other needlework.

Viking Square at Moesgaard Strand.

Tickets, program and driving directions

Here you find information on activities, ticket prices and how to get there.

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For the small vikings and future archeologists

There will also be a playground, Viking games to play, and a “discovery sandbox”, where kids can literally dig in and pretend to be junior archaeologists seeking out prehistoric artefacts in the sand. Archaeologists from Moesgaard Museum will lead the discovery digs and talk about the finds – and explain how we know all the things we do about the Vikings, their lives, and their belongings. Naturally, all finds made during a discovery dig must either be handed in so they can go on display, or they must be re-buried in the sand so other junior archaeologists can learn about the Vikings too.

Fortællinger på Moesgaard Vikingedage.

Musicians, jugglers, and storytellers

The bustling Viking square will host music, song, dance, and juggling performances from groups like Jotunger and Ramashang, while the Nordic Tellers will share legends, sagas, and other exciting epics and stories with those who gather round.

Jotunger is a Danish Viking folk band that reconstructs Viking Age music using a research-based approach. They sing and play compositions as they may have sounded a thousand years ago – in daily life and for rituals, wars, and celebrations – bringing the story lines of the sagas and the art of the bard to life.

Ramashang plays Medieval and Viking Age music for damsels and fair maidens, noblemen and chieftains, lads and lassies – and their parents. Their rollicking rhythms get the audience’s feet tapping and their noses wiggling. The performance also includes a fire act and other entertaining feats of skill and daring.

NordicTellers is a storytelling duo whose riveting tales and adventures (mainly in Danish) transport listeners to bygone times, keeping the campfire hot and the audience on the edge of their seats.

Boder på Moesgaard Vikingedage.

When can I come to visit the Viking Days?

The Viking market is open each day – from 25 July to 28 July – from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

A day ticket for an adult costs DKK 195; a ticket for children (3-17 years old) costs DKK 50. Children under the age of 3 are free.

Card-holding members of the Moesgaard Museum Club receive 50 kr. discount on tickets for the Viking Days.

Tickets will be avalibale around the beginning of may.

The ticket for Viking Days also gives you access to Moesgaard Museum on the same day. See what you can experience at Moesgaard Museum

Map of the Viking area

Overview map of the Viking area


Questions about the Moesgaard Viking Days?

If you have a question about the Viking Days at Moesgaard feel free to send us an e-mail at