Come visit the vikings

Directions, route description, parking, and public transport

The Viking camp at Moesgård Strand

The Moesgaard Viking Days take place south of Aarhus, outdoors under the eaves of the forest along the beach of Moesgård Strand. The footpaths and lanes consist of gravel and sand, so we recommend that you choose sturdy, comfortable footwear and clothing that will allow you to take part in the activities in and around the Viking camp. If the weather is pleasant you may also want to bring your swimsuit – given that the long, sandy beach at Moesgård is one of the city’s favourite places for a seaside outing.

The easiest way to arrive at the Viking Days is by bicycle or on foot (from parking areas elsewhere in the forest), or on the bus, as parking options near the Viking camp are limited. 

How to find your way to the Viking Days – click here for an overview map of the area

Parking and public transport

There are various parking areas in the forest – for instance south of Restaurant Skovmøllen, about 800 metres away from the camp. You can park there, then walk down the lovely woodland path to the beach. Another option is the public parking area next to the beachside kiosk at Moesgård Strand, at the end of Strandskovvej. Or the large parking area near the Moesgård Manor, where you can walk through the old estate’s park and down to the Viking camp. Follow the signs posted around the area, and please do not park along the forest roads.

Arriving by bus

Bus line 18 runs from Aarhus city centre (there is a stop near Aarhus central station) all the way to Moesgaard Museum. A pleasant walk from the museum bus stop, through the Moesgård Manor gardens and the forest, will take you down to the Viking camp. 

Bus line 31 runs from Aarhus to the beach of Moesgård Strand, south of the city. From the stop there, walk towards the south, along the beach to the Viking camp behind the yellow “fisherman’s house”.

Alternatively, you can park on the southern outskirts of the city, then walk or take a bus the rest of the way.

Patience is a virtue …

The Viking Days often bring quite a bit of car traffic, not only to Moesgaard Museum but also to the forest roads and the Moesgård Strand area. Please be patient, respect the signs in the area, and follow instructions from the parking guides. Parking along the forest roads is not permitted, and we encourage visitors to plan so they have ample time to find a place to park.